Are your dogs safe around children, family members, and customers?

After meeting with you we will hand select a dog that best suits your needs and intended purpose. Dogs to be integrated into a family setting will be raised around children and will be extensively socialized and tested before being placed in a home. Dogs to be used in a professional setting will be acclimated to this type of environment to ensure the best understanding of their role.

Are your dogs compatible with other family dogs?

Yes, if you already have dogs we will select a dog that has previously been socialized with other dogs during their upbringing. We will also work with you to avoid conflict by introducing the dogs through a neutral process.

What training programs are offered?

We offer a variety of training programs listed on our training page. All of our training programs are customizable because no two clients have the same needs or desired outcomes. Our goal is to ensure that you are comfortable with your dog and your added safety and security needs are met.

What guarantee do you offer?

All of our dogs are tested by a licensed veterinarian prior to being placed into service. Our dogs are guaranteed against congenital health defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase. For personal, family and executive protection dogs there is a one year replacement guarantee if the buyer is not satisfied.

Why are the dogs so expensive?

Our goal is to produce a highly trained protection dog that is second to none. We have over twenty five years experience training working dogs that are extremely effective in their given roles. We acquire our dogs from proven sources all over the world that ensure a healthy dog with stable nerves and a great temperament. We take no shortcuts during our stringent evaluation and testing process. We have done extensive testing and research to develop training techniques that are unmatched. Our dogs have been highly effective in patrol functions, custody facilities, homes, businesses, detection of a variety of substances, and have proven themselves in competition achieving multiple Top Dog and gold medal wins. Our dogs have a health guarantee, are extensively tested, well trained and are most importantly able to provide the added safety and security needed in todays uncertain world.

What is the process to purchase a dog?

We suggest that you call or email so that we can discuss your specific needs and goals for a dog. If possible we encourage you to come and meet with us so that we can have you experience one of our training sessions to see the capabilities and qualities of our working dogs. After watching our dogs perform we can sit down with you and go over your specific needs and what characteristics and qualities you need in a dog. Once you agree on a dog we will have you sign a contract outlining all of the details. At that time a 50% deposit will be required and the balance will be due upon delivery of the dog. Payment can be cash, certified check, or credit card.